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We've stopped shouting at the telly to make these things so promise you'll try to enjoy 'em.

Are these the 25 best ever rock singer photographs?

In 1990 the rather good British music magazine 'Q' gave away the first of many excellent and well produced photographic supplements. This one featured 'The Singers' and was luxuriously presented in folded A3 and printed on lovely thick paper.  Fearing I'd either lose one, spill a mug of tea all over it or that it could end up as roach material, I bought another  copy for safekeeping.  I pat my younger self on the head for this decision as I still have that one. (I'll leave the fate of the other one in the air as I still haven't discounted running for president one day).

Subsequently a thing has happened, each picture has become fixed as my mental stock photo for the artist captured.  I just can't hear the name Sade without thinking of the image contained in the supplement, I concede that this could be down to the delicious almost side-boob in that photo but I hope not. It's not just that picture you see, it's all of them and none of the others contain any side-boobage at all.

These aren't just PR head shots that you've seen a million times already.  Although some of them are clearly posed, the others are either candid shots, showing the artist unaffected or are extraordinary 'lightening in a bottle' moments of them doing the thing they do, the way they do it, perfectly. 

I must tip my hat to the cat at 'Q' who compiled the images, I'm sure they had thousands to choose from and I reckon they got it absolutely spot on. 

If you know an image that belongs here, then send me a link in the comments or on the Facebook or twitter feeds.

music blog,annie lennox,musical blog

Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, at the Lyceum in London, November 1983.

music blog, bruce springsteen

Bruce Springsteen, with enthusiastic backing by E Street Band member Clarence Clemons, during a 1985 show at the LA Forum.

Music blog, chrissie hynde

Chrissie Hynde, of The Pretenders, at Guildford Town Hall in January 1981.

music blog elton john and rod stewart

Elton John and Rod Stewart, setting the terraces swaying at Watford Football Ground, May 1974.

elvis costello, music blog

Elvis Costello at Brockwell Park in South London, at the Rock Against Racism Carnival, 1979

Elvis Presley, music blog

Elvis Presley in 1960, being mobbed by autograph-hunting US servicemen's daughters in Bad Nauheim, West Germany.


frank sinatra, music blog

Frank Sinatra in 1962, with his former crooning rival Bing Crosby, and rat pack drinking pal Dean Martin.

Joni Mitchell,music blog

Joni Mitchell during her performance at Wembley Stadium in the mid-'70s, where she appeared with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Madonna, on the roof of her record company's offices, visiting London for her first UK dates, October 14, 1983.

Madonna, on the roof of her record company's offices, visiting London for her first UK dates, October 14, 1983.

Marc Bolan,music blog

Marc Bolan, photographed in Yorkshire, 1971, at the peak of his teen-idol years with T. Rex.


Morrisy,music blog

Morrissey, then of The Smiths, accepts a burnt offering in his native Manchester, June 2, 1986.

muddy waters,music blog

One of the greatest post-war blues singers, Muddy Waters, backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon in November 1976.

Paul Mc Cartney,music blog

Paul McCartney, backstage at the Granada Theatre, East Ham, November 9, 1963. The Beatles arrived early to avoid the crowds and spent two hours playing patience and marbles to kill time prior to performing.

Prince,music blog

Prince plays his UK debut at London's Lyceum, May 1981.

led zeppelin,music blog

Robert Plant, in company with guitarist Jimmy Page, leads Led Zeppelin through one of the five concerts they played at Earl's Court, London, in May 1975.

Sade,music blog

Sade at the Live Aid concert, the song is Your Love Is King

Terence Trent D'Arby,music blog

Terence Trent D'Arby, promoting the Artists Against Apartheid movement, backstage at a Royal Albert Hall performance in April 1987.

The sex pistols,music blog

The Sex Pistols' chief affront to decent values, Johnny Rotten, at the Punk Festival held in the 100 Club on London's Oxford Street, September 20, 1976.

Michael Jackson

The young Michael Jackson, in pilot's hat, pictured in November 1971, during the Jackson 5 days. blog

U2's Bono photographed on the docks in Dublin - his favourite place - in winter 1987


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