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We've stopped shouting at the telly to make these things so promise you'll try to enjoy 'em.

Bill Withers – Live BBC concert

bbc-bill-withers-documentary-music-blog1973 in London an intimate gig captured by Aunty Beeb.

Say what you will about the BBC but one thing it has always got absolutely right is music, from all genres and to suit all tastes. If you are one of those idiots who constantly slag them off (you probably do the same with your local hospital just as unjustifiably) then you need to have a  word with yourself. You need to consider the following:
The Old Grey Whistle Test and TOTP that celebrated the popular and championed the great and good.
John Peel, Whispering Bob Harris, Tommy Vance and the Friday Rock Show that were a huge part of your life if you love music and are over 35.
The huge amount of specialist music shows and stations and other than the pittance of a license fee, it;s all free and advertising free, always, so shut up.

At 16:14 on this video Bill sings by far the most moving and gentle version of ‘I want you in my life’ and it will send a shiver down your spine, even if you’ve heard it a hundred times. This is a theme Bill returned to often and most memorably in ‘Hello like before’ but this is more plaintive, more yearning and well pretty.

There’s a great Fender Rhodes part on it too, it may be a Wurlitzer but I’m not such a pedant, OK I am and my money is on a Rhodes. Don’t scoot right to that track or you’ll miss out on a stomping version of ‘Use me’ and my favourite Bill song ‘Grandma’s hands’.