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We've stopped shouting at the telly to make these things so promise you'll try to enjoy 'em.

Stop requesting Hotel California…all of you.

Let me start by saying, it’s a great song, perhaps it is one of the best, who knows? Music is a subjective thing. However, and trust me on this, there is not one band in the world* who during the ubiquitous pre gig lemonade and prayer ritual**,closes their eyes especially tight and squeezes their little musical hands** together and says ‘dear baby Jesus, I really, really, really, really hope they ask for Hotel California tonight’ and to which no other band member has ever enjoined  ‘me too, I hope that someone asks for it more than once and I promise I will be really, really, really and especially good’.

Well get this, we don’t want to play it and it doesn’t make us think you are clever nor musical neither.

We know who you are too, Hotel California requester man, we know what you’re thinking. ‘I’ll request that because hey, then they’ll think I really know my music and may even assume I am a musician too because I am quite good at Guitar Hero’. We know it’s not even your favourite song actually, it’s one you have chosen to impress. Well get this, we don’t want to play it and it doesn’t make us think you are clever nor musical neither.

If you want to impress us ask us for something by Steely Dan, Crowded House, The Police, Stereophonics, Joe Jackson and  (I could go on) all of whom have hits that whilst indulging you and us will also entertain the crowd. At least that will show you have been thinking a bit, we might not be able to play it but you can leave the stage area with our respect and knowing that we like you.

If you really want to impress us, take a good look at the crowd and try to judge their mood, if they are up dancing and partying, try to think of a request that will enhance that mood and trust us, it isn’t Hotel California.

The only cover of Hotel California I ever want to hear and it’s by the Gyspy Kings.
I bet you can’t listen to the end of this and not go ‘OY!”.


* Unless they are an Eagles tribute act or The Eagles

** I’m am sorry if I’ve lifted the curtain a bit too high for some of my more cooler muso friends who don’t want anyone to know about these pre-gig rituals but we all do this one so lets not kid ourselves or baby Jesus won’t be nice to us.

*** Drummers not included in this, obviously.




  1. Adobe Flash REQUIRED!?

    Not very iPad friendly, now is it?

    This is a hobby site. So people should be playing either on breaks or when being spontaneous…. Mobile devices are a must. And whilst I will now tip Android to win in the end… for now, you should not forsake Apple fans…. Especially as Apple’s niche base has always been creative types…. your niche, sir – I would respectfully suggest.

    Sent from my iPad don’t you know!?

    • Right then, as my token Mac fanboy has rightly pointed out a plug in I was suing for the audio embedding sneaked a bot of old fashioned Flash whilst I wasn’t looking. The Flash police were called and after a thorough investigation decided that I had been conned and was not to blame.
      I have since removed instances of the abomination and put in a nice HTML5 one.

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