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We've stopped shouting at the telly to make these things so promise you'll try to enjoy 'em.

Bill Withers – Live BBC concert

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in 70's, Concerts, Concerts and documentaires, Soul | 0 comments

Bill sings by far the most moving and gentle version of ‘I want you in my life’ and it will send a shiver down your spine, even if you’ve heard it a hundred times. This is a theme Bill returned to often and most memorably in ‘Hello like before’ but this is more plaintive, more yearning and well, pretty.

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Bill Withers – Just Like The First Time

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Featured, Hidden Gems, Proper R 'n' B, Snoggers and Bad Salads, Soul | 0 comments

Possibly the most beautiful song never to make it onto your ‘snoggers’ mix tapes. Thank the record label for that who vindictively did not promote Bills last real album. A great tune and a tale of A and R mans shenanigans and skulduggery await you in here dear reader….

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